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Phygital — a blend of the words physical & digital — is an artistic research project in which I explore how a generative computer algorithm can be used to create three-dimensional physical objects. This website — Interphygital — operates as the interface for creating digital three-dimensional sketches and provides me with additional tools to explore the beauty of symmetry in geometry.

With this project, I want to open up my work process to other individuals, cause I believe that (technological) advancements should be made collectively. That is why you are free to use this technology (including its source code) for personal use. If you're interested in what I do and would like to stay up to date on future endeavors or would like to get in touch with me. You can find me online at Instagram, or Artmajeur.

Special thanks go out to fontforzula, who made the visual assets that I have used to create this digital interface. Also special thanks to Simple Analytics for providing analytics for this website while respecting your privacy!